ATU Representative Participates the ACD Annual Summit


ATU Representative Participates the ACD Annual Summit

Directorate of International Academic Cooperation -

Dr Ali Khorsandi Taskoh, ATU Faculty Member, attended ACD's Annual Summit in Thailand.

ATU representative, Dr Ali Khorsandi Taskoh, assistant professor of educational planning and management participated in the ACD Annual Summit held in Siam, Thailand. During this Summit, various scientific and educational subjects regarding the state, challenges and future of education (specially higher education) and its orientations in Asia were discussed. During this Summit, chaired by Mr Bundit Limschoon, ACD Secretary General, ATU could have the following achievements:

  • Membership in the advisory committee and board of the editors of the ACD Journal of Higher Education;
  • ATU being selected as one of the six main members of the ACD Steering Committee for the 2017-2018 year;
  • Being selected as head of the "Asia Challenges" expert panel for the 2017-2018 year;
  • Being enlisted in the expert panel for developing international higher education in Asia;
  • Cooperation in the organization of the joint ACD MBA Programmes.

It is worth noting that in the end of this event, the participants prepared a three-page resolution (plus two appendices) on five main topics in the field of Asian Education, and agreed to submit the resolution to the 2018 Asian Foreign Ministers Summit, to be held in Tehran. Five main topics of the document include:

  1. Developing Innovative Education;
  2. Developing Smart Digital Economy;
  3. Internationalisation of Higher Education;
  4. Asia Challenges and Competitive Studies;
  5. Sustainable Development and Economic Sufficiency.

The Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) is a state-owned international organization having the membership of 33 Asian countries. As an Asian Community established since 2002, ACD has several goals, including the expansion of political, economic, academic and educational cooperation among Asian countries.

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