The Third International Research Methods School


ATU Institute for Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies is going to organise the 3rd International Winter School on Research Methods from 24 Jan. to 14 Feb. 2018.

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ATU's third International Research Methods School is going to be organised from 24 January to 14 February 2018 in ATU, Tehran.

In the Third Research Methods School of Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU), three Iranian professors from ATU and three non-Iranian professors will present their workshops on qualitative research methods. The main focus of this winter school is on qualitative research methods. In this school, several separate but interrelated workshops will be presented: the first workshop, which is assumed to be the basic course and consists of the logic and the common issues among all research methods, will be presented within 16 hours. The presenter of the workshop is Marie-Hélène Paré, who has frequently delivered courses and workshops on qualitative research methods and Nvivo Software in winter and summer research courses presented by the European Research Consortium. Due to the significance of the issues, all delivered in English, at this workshop, professors and PhD students in social sciences, education, management, political science, and health are strongly recommended to participate in this workshop.

A workshop on Ethnography will be presented within 12 hours by Samuel Blanch, PhD candidate at the National University of Australia. He is expert in theoretical foundations and techniques of this method and he has currently used it in his PhD dissertation. Ethnography is the recording and analysis of the culture, ethics, habits and customs of a society, which is usually carried out through participation of the researcher in the field of research. In this qualitative approach, the cases are viewed and interpreted from the perspectives of the individuals and groups under investigation. The researcher, through interaction and long-term living in the field, attempts to collect the data through participation observation. The researcher has two roles in this method: first, he plays the role of the participant in life experience, and the second role is the observer in live experience during the research, through which the life experience is described after a while.

The two workshops on grounded theory and content analysis method are presented by Dr Mohammad Saeed Zokaei and Dr Ahmad Golmohammadi, respectively, based on the fundamental issues presented in the first workshop. In each of these two workshops, one of the qualitative data techniques is described in details. Each presenter elaborates on the procedures and steps of one specific technique mentioned in the title of the presentation. The workshop on the qualitative data analysis through Nvivo software will be presented as the final and complementary event in this school. This workshop helps you do what you have learned in previous workshops using computers and software. The presenter of this workshop is Dr Faez Din Parast, who has attended training courses on Nvivo at the ECPR Summer School. He is also expert in this field.

More detailed information on this event is available in this page.

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