Famous People at Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Allameh Tabataba'i University

Famous People

ATU's Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (LPS) is well renowned among the academia and, owing to its quality, a great share of its faculty members and alumni are employed in key posts inside and outside Iran.
In this page you will read about the most famous people at the LPS Faculty and their achievements. It should be noted that the list is by no means exhaustive and needs to be completed. Moreover, the list only includes those academic members who are currently teaching and researching in the Faculty. However, as many graduates of the Faulty are employed in outstanding institutes and organisations inside Iran and abroad, the list needs to include the names of LPS alumni who are holding outstanding positions, too. This will be done as soon as the names of these people are collected.
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Dr Amin Jafari
— Received the "Cultural Regions" prize from University of Paris X for his PhD dissertation, 2008;
— Founded, for the first time in Iran, the PhD programme in Business Management and Islamic Banking at the Towse'e Saba Higher Education Institute, 2015.
— Former head of Legal Studies at the Iranian Vice-Presidency for Legal Affairs;
— Member of the Strategic Council for Revision in the Majlis Laws;
— Former researcher at the Judiciary Research Centre;
— Editor at the Henri Capitant Association, France;
— Member of the Committee for French Translation and Term-Selection at the Bureau of Official Documents and Translators.

Dr Tahmoores Bashiriyeh
— Received an Olympiad Prize in Literature;
— CEO at the Association for Legal Studies;
— Counsellor to Head of the Iranian Bar Associations Union (SCODA).

Dr Hadi Ajili
— Received the International Farabi Prize in Political Sciences and International Relations, 2012.

Dr Mansour Jabbari
— Tehran Azad University Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Legal Research, 2002 & 2003;
— Allameh Tabataba'i University Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Legal Research (2004)
— Visiting Scholar, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, 2012;
— Visiting Scholar, Windsor University, Canada, 2015;
— Editorial Board, Public Law Studies Quarterly, Tehran University;
— Editor in Chief, Journal of Public Law, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran;
— Member of the editorial board of the Iranian Review for UN Studies (IRUNS);

Dr Hamid Reza Oloumi Yazdi
— Assistant and Advisor to the Vice President in Legal Affairs;
— Member (Judge) in Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal;
— Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology in Legal and Parliamentary Affairs;
— Head of Center for International Legal Affairs (CILA);
— Visiting Scholar to the Allard School of Law.

Dr Mohammadreza Rahbarpour
— Member of the Iranian National Committee for Ethics.

Dr Habibollah Rahimi
— Consultant of Vice President in Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, 2001-2004;
— Top Researcher of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Allameh Tabataba'i University, 2019.

Dr Behzad Razavifard
— Coordinating the implementation of the MoU signed between ATU and University of Poitiers;
— Sabbatical and teaching at Strasbourg University, 2018;
— Teaching Criminal and Criminology at University of Poitiers.

Dr Mohammadali Solhchi
— Member of Iranian Associations for UN Studies;
— Member of the Iranian Associations for International Criminal Law.

Dr Mehdi Zahedi
— Chairman of the Board of Directors for Iranian Intellectual Property Law Association (IRIPLA).