Faculty of Law and Political Sciences on the Map

ATU's Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (LPS) is located in north-west of Tehran. Below, the location of the Faculty is spinned and shown on a responsive Google Maps frame.

To visit the Faculty, you can use the address and the graphical representation below. However, for a step-by-step address and various routes to get to the Faculty, you can read our How to get to the Faculty.


location iconFaculty of Law and Political Sciences, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Varzesh Sq., Dehkade-ye Olampik, Tehran, Iran.

In case you are going to visit the Faculty, you are suggested to have a snapshot of both the Persian and English scripts of the address. In many cases, like in cases when you are going to take a taxi to the Faculty, the Persian address will be of great use. The address in script Persian is provided below:

Persian Address, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Location on Google Maps