SMC Faculty Now

The Faculty of Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer (SMC), as the title shows, is mainly active in the three areas of computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Enjoying 21 experienced and renowned faculty members, it is currently offering relevant degree programmes in all three levels of study to interested students and researchers.

The SMC Faculty enjoys 21 faculty members, of which 20 percent are full professors highly known nationally and internationally; of the remaining faculty, 40 percent are associate professors and the other 40 percent are the young, talented assistant professors interested in the areas of statistics, mathematics, and computer.

Though bearing such keywords as computer, mathematics, and statistics, the academic activities conducted in the SMC are rather interdisciplinary in nature, oriented towards humanities and social sciences. In other words, through a rather instrumental and applied approach, the three areas of science in the Faculty are trying to address the needs of humans and the society.


With its campus located in the centre of Tehran, the SMC Faculty contains 17 offices for the academic staff, together with 9 classrooms. Other facilities in the SMC Faculty include:

  • 2 computer workstations;
  • 1 library, cataloguing more than 4550 volumes in English, Persian, Arabic, German, and other languages;
  • 2 reading rooms for PhD students;
  • 1 Conference room;
  • 1 restaurant;
  • 1 buffet.

Most of the students can enjoy accommodation in ATU's residence halls and apply for loans from the university.

Faculty of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer

In sum, the crucial implications of mathematics, statistics, and computer for other sciences, including the humanities and social sciences, has been the main motive for founding this Faculty in the largest university of humanities in Iran.