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Geoff Dickson of La Trobe University Speaks in ATU


Geoff Dickson, lecturer from La Trobe University of Melbourne delivered a speech in ATU Department of Sport Management.

Directorate for International Academic Cooperation —

The first workshop in the framework of the International Seminar on Sport Marketing was presented on "Financial Supports in Sport Events" by Dr Geoff Dickson, a lecturer from La Trobe University of Melbourne; the workshop was held by Allameh Tabataba'i University (ATU), Department of Sport Management.

In this workshop, which was held on Monday, 31 May 2018 in the auditorium of ATU Faculty of Psychology and Education, with the presence of faculty members and students from ATU Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Dr Dickson presented his experience and studies in the principles and methods of marketing and financial support for professional sports, and exchanged ideas with Iranian lecturers.

Dr Dickson is a Reader and Head of the Department of Management, Sport and Tourism at La Trobe University of Melbourne (Australia) and has previously been the Chairman of the Australia and New Zealand Sports Management Association. Sport marketing refers to the various activities in the sales of sports products and services, which can be obtained in a variety of ways, although legal rules may pose challenges. The importance of this area lies in the fact that sport products and services must be in the customers' minds before being sold; that is, the customer should be aware of the product or service and react to it in some way. The process by which customer responses and reactions are achieved is called "Branding", and when a sport brand is hacked in the minds of the customers, that brand has stabilised its position.

Two other workshops, entitled "Sports Events Marketing" and "Integrated Marketing in Sports", will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, 22 and 23 May in the auditorium of ATU Central Library and Documentation Centre.

Dr Geoff Dickson Speaks in ATUDr Geoff Dickson Speaks in ATUDr Geoff Dickson Speaks in ATUDr Geoff Dickson Speaks in ATU

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