SMC History

Few years following the establishment of ATU in 1984, the first seeds of the now mature Faculty of Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer (SMC) were sowed in the then Faculty of Economics in the form of a "Department of Statistics." The Department then started its activities in the late 1980s with 7 faculty members specialized in statistics, mathematics and computer.

The Department offered a Bachelor’s degree programme in Statistics. After two decades of brilliant work, the Department succeeded in obtaining permission to recruit more faculty members and offer courses at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD levels. In 2013, the Faculty of "Mathematical Sciences and Computer" was formally established with three departments of Computer, Mathematics, and Statistics whose faculty members taught and provided research services to students not only in their own departments but also to students in all other ATU departments and faculties.

Faculty of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer

Under the title of "Faculty of Mathematical Sciences and Computer", the Faculty worked for two years within the same campus as the Faculty of Economics. However, in 2018, the growing number of students and the increasing demands of the Faculty contributed to the dedication of a separate campus in the heart of Tehran.

In November 2019, the Faculty was renamed to the "Faculty of Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer" to highlight the inclusion of the three mainly basic- and IT-sciences within the humanities and social-science oriented ATU.

In sum, the crucial implications of mathematics, statistics, and computer for other sciences, including the humanities and social sciences, has been the main motive for founding this Faculty in the largest university of humanities in Iran.