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The Library

The Central Library and Documentation Centre of Allameh Tabataba'i University holds a massive collection of Persian and non-Persian resources in different fields of humanities and social sciences. There are 88547 volumes of books in the library, out of which 53141 volumes are in Persian and Arabic and 35406 volumes in other languages. There are also 52861 e-books and 12642 volumes of Master's theses, doctoral dissertations, and research projects available. The library follows an open access system and provides access to numerous electronic resources and information databases. Library services are free of charge for the members.

Mission and Goals

The primary mission of the central library is to fulfill the needs of its users, including faculty members as well as undergraduate and graduate students. The library follows the following specific goals:

  • Collecting different sources of information in a variety of formats in different fields of humanities and social sciences
  • Organizing library materials by taking advantage of the latest technologies
  • Facilitating the use of library resources for users
  • Taking part in national and international information projects


Major departments of the central library are as follows:

  • Acquisition Department
  • Circulation and Lending Department
  • Reference and Information Services Department
  • Periodicals Department
  • Theses and Dissertations Department

Acquisition Department

The priority of this department is to accelerate the university's academic programs through meeting the needs of students, academic staff, administrative staff, and executives. Functions of this department include:

  • Ordering, receiving, preserving, and paying for all library materials
  • Monitoring, coordinating, and evaluating all activities related to the library
  • Serials check-in and shelf preparation
  • Organizing gift and exchange activities
  • Providing current awareness services
  • Providing management and financial reports
  • Conducting careful, routine checks of the library of each faculty
  • Offering short-term training courses for library staff and information workers
  • Facilitating the use of library materials for users

Circulation and Lending Department

The circulation and lending department is one of the key departments of the library, which provides lending services. Circulation staff provides basic search and reference services, though more in-depth questions are usually referred to reference librarians. The books can be searched and borrowed through membership and under library rules and regulations.

Reference and Information Services Department

In the Reference Department, general and specialized reference works, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, specialized bibliographies, atlases, etc. are available.As to the Information Services Department, the most important mission of its staff is the provision of information services as requested by users. This department provides instruction at all levels of need on the appropriate use of databases.

Periodicals Department

The total number of current Persian and non-Persian journals in print format is about 1600 volumes, dating back to 1930. The periodicals department consists of two separate divisions: Persian and non-Persian journals. Full texts of Persian journals and newspapers are accessible through Persian articles databases as well as optical disks.

Theses and Dissertations Department

The library provides theses and dissertations in both electronic and paper format. There are two ways to find theses and dissertations of interest: