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International Conference on the Arbaeen to be Held in Iraq


International Conference on the Arbaeen to be Held in Iraq

Directorate for International Academic Cooperation -

Thanks to the cooperation of ATU and University of Karbala (UoK), the second round of the International Conference on Arbaeen is planned to be held 25 and 26 October 2017 in UoK, Iraq.

This two-day conference, held with the supports of the Arbaeen Headquarter in Iran and the Hussaini Ataba (shrine caretaker) in Kerbala, aims at developing the culture of convergence and global peace through introducing and propagating the Arbaeen Culture. In this event, university teachers and students will discuss various aspects of this important religious event.

Arbaeen and the Contemporary Islamic Challenges; Different Media Approaches toward Arbaeen; Reflection of Arbaeen in Arabic and Persian Literatures; Historical Events in the Arbaeen Ceremony; Sociology of Arbaeen; Public Diplomacy in Arbaeen; Arbaeen and Islamic Resistance; Startegic Aspects of Arbaeen; Future Study of Arbaeen; and Globalisation of Arbaeen are among the main subjects to be analysed in this conference.

The conference secretariat invites all scholars and researchers interested in the field to send their abstracts until 4 October 2017. More information regarding the conference will be available at its secretariat at http://arbaeen.atu.ac.ir.

International Conference on Arbaeen

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