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The International Workshop on Elsevier Databases Held in CLDC


The International Workshop on "How to Use the Elsevier Electronic Resources and Services" was held in ATUs Central Library and Documentation Centre on 16 October 2017.

Directorate for International Academic Cooperation -

An international workshop on the ways to make use of resources and electronic services offered by Elsevier was held on 16 October 2017 in ATU Central Library and Documentation Centre (CLDC).

Thanks to the cooperation between ATU CLDC and FarIdea Company, Elseviers Agency in Iran, the international workshop on "How to Use Elseviers Resources and Electronic Services" was held in ATU CLDC and Ms Ozge Gizem Sertdemir, Senior Counsellor at Elsevier Publications. In this event, highly received by professors, students and staff, different electronic resources and services offered by Elsevier, including the Scopus, were introduced. Then, the Mendeley Reference Management Software was taught in detail.

The PDF file of the workshop is available here.

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